Happy Day! Playin Hookie

We got a Bug! It is so cute. We are calling him "Flipper". Heh heh heh.

Flipper can carry Sila's new 6'7" surfboard inside, no problem. Hopefully it can carry his old 7'6" board too, because that one is now for me!

This is the view that made me realize I do remember Dad's yellow bug - from the back seat.

Flipper goes surfing at Woodbridge Island in Milnerton (Northern suburbs) which is only about 6 miles from our house on the freeway. Reminds me so much of California. There are restaurants on the beach here but they are not taco stands. This is sad.

There is a nice view of the city and the mountain from this friendly beach break.

Beautiful day

Robben Island

Unfortunately one of us is prone to sunburn


amber said...

Ahhh poor sunburned head! That always happens to James too with his big bald noggin.
Next set of photos: you two ON surfboards!

Fault Rocks said...

those kind of photos are harder to come by. sila is doing just fine but i am not so talented.

katherine louise said...

love all your pics! i love the blue car, red creuset, and blue kitchen wall. . .and of course hearing about all your adventures...

Trifarina said...

Sweet wheels! Tell Sila I will crochet him a toupee with fun fur from the 2 buck bucket.

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