Salsa Fresca will Find a Way

Look, I know you might get bored with the garden posts (mom) but for some reason I am SO INTO my little potted garden these days. It just blows me away that I can put water on something and food comes out. Way better (although slower) than Top Ramen. My mother-in-law told me this and it took too long to sink in. Her garden mastery passed away with her on 10 February 2007. If there's an afterlife, I hope she's enjoying the irony of watching me google "rosemary yellow leave edge lower water". Miss you Sue.

I have a total of 110 green tomatoes on 12 plants. I know this because I thoroughly tabulate tomato and flower counts by plant at 6 day intervals.

#111: I have the first evidence of Salsa Fresca to come...

It will be a HOT salsa fresca:

Paul brought us a lemon tree - although I hesitate to use the word "tree" because at 2m tall, it had exactly 3.5 leaves and enough catapillar eggs to insure that it would soon bottom out at 2 leaves! It was potted in a brick of sticky clay and no water or fertilizer seemed to affect it. We finally dumped out the pot, rinsed out the (tiny) rootball and put it in sandy potting soil, watered heavily, crossed fingers. A week later, leaflets all over:

and this morning, tiny pink buds. A valentines present


Erin K. said...

I am not bored by your garden posts! Tamale tart recipe is on the way to your virtual kitchen.

Ishmael said...

It's like A Charlie Brown Valentines!