Succulent of the Week - Titanopsis

Why would this cute little thing get a name like Titanopsis calcarea? I might be going nutso, but after I took these photos I gave everything its monthly watering. Now, a few days later, the Titanops is almost as wide as the pot. How did that happen. Feed me Seymour. Maybe it will shrink back to its previous size as it dries out again.

The name means "looking like limestone" and I will admit there's a certain resemblance to the Rock of the Week #1. This guy is native to the Karoo and according to Dr. Internets, the leaf shape and colour can vary considerably with moisture, specific regional origin, etc. I bought this one for its almost reptilian skin - blue-green leaves and the enlarged cells on the edge of the leaves look like scales. Godzilla.
Yo mama was a stegosaurus.


Silver Fox said...

Your succulent posts are very interesting. I'm presuming all of these are native to southern Africa?

"Looking like limestone" is a great name!

Julie said...

Octopus comes to mind!!!