Succulent of the Week - Faucaria tuberculosa

This funny little beast is another Eastern Cape native. The gaping leaves of Faucaria give it the common name "Tiger's jaws".

This guy was pretty compact when I brought him home. After several weeks on a mostly "bright shade" windowsill, he seems to be opening up a bit. It's truly amazing to watch succulents adjust to their surroundings over the course of weeks... in both shape and colour.
Although it is fall, I'm afraid the 'bright shade' situation might not be bright enough to encourage this little guy to flower. According to Dr. Internets, it is a good beginner's succulent because it is not as particular as some as far as watering schedule, is less rot-prone and can recover from rot if clean cuttings are salvaged. In addition, it tolerates a wide range of sun conditions and enjoys occasional fertilizer but grows well without it. It's the pet snake of succulents.


Julie said...

Beutiful specimen!!! I am so jealous of you being in South Africa with all of the wonderful succulents! I know you are having such a grand time! "Tuberculosa" makes me wonder where they came up with this name!

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