Long time no blog

Well, since I got back from Cape Town I've been chugging away on my thesis. Been reading a lot of knit blogs too, not doing any writing on my own. I have the temptation to start a knit blog but I feel that would be a downward spiral because since I could never keep up with Wendy or Anne and Kay or Amber this would require me to knit a lot more and there is just too much pressure in life to worry about knitting more in order to support a blog! So I think "christie at the cape" will just be a little bit more "christie wherever she is" from now on, which will return to being "at the cape" sometime around the end of january. Knitting is part of the bargain. speaking of which,

Did I ever show you my sweet French Press Coozie? I also made one for Carter but I don't have a picture of it.

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Amber said...

Hey- Corrected link here: http://amberwavesofpain.wordpress.com/