Miscellaneous Houses of Worship

Dear Rev. Dr. Barbara D. Rowe, BS, MBA, MDiv, DMin,
Here is a sampling of churches I saw in Mozambique. None of them are mainsteam Protestant churches. There are a lot of Papists. There are some Pentacostals (didn't get a picture though). There are a lot of Mosques. I didn't speak to anybody there about religion.

Catholic Church in Namaacha:

Catholic Church in Nampula:

Mosque on the coast of Nampula Province, near Ilha de Moçambique:

Church of Santo Antonio on Ilha de Moçambique:

500 years of Jesus:

There is also a beautiful little church, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, the oldest European structure in the southern hemisphere, which will have its own post here shortly.

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