Miss My Dad

Wading through the grass out here, looking for outcrop - a bit off the road and all of a sudden you forget the road was there, no cars on it anyway - the wind has a snap to it and the air seems to be changing temperature quickly - for some reason I hear my dad's voice in my head saying,

"This is what the First Man saw, we are looking through his eyes now...",

and for a second I'm thinking, "Yah, Dad, that's awesome, this is amazing".

And Dad-in-my-head goes on, "... except not from the water, because he was an aquatic ape, see, and he would have parked his submarine under the pyramids over there that the aliens helped build out of solid gold..."

And Me-in-my-head goes, "Now wait a minute dad, there's no evidence for the aquatic ape theory, and besides, first evidence of man is farther north in the rift valleys, and wait a minute, MAN, anyway, you forget about LUCY obviously, you patriarchal schmuck...."


Grant said...

Saw your blog come through via my Google Alerts (Aquatic Ape Theory). Just posting because I'm a Dad who's into AAT (as a mild interest) with a 27 yr. old son finishing his Master's Thesis in Geology, based on his field study in South Africa... A few parallels. He & I are close.
Take care & secular prayers for your Dad,
Grant Cooper
Dad of Marc Cooper, MS Geology, LSU

Fault Rocks said...

Hi Grant -
Definite parallels. In case it wasn't obvious, Dad doesn't really believe in gold pyramids and aliens. Nevertheless, I worry about my Dad getting his "hard science news" from the Discovery channel!

If Marc's looking at further graduate work and is interested in South African geology, I'd be happy to talk to him about UCT -

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