More.... HATS! And outfits.

Here's my take on Brooke Higgin's Tychus hat (pattern at Knitty.com). I used some stash - a red wool/silk tweed and a grey tweed (which yes, I ran out of!) I like this hat in a finer gauge than the pattern calls for, and just long enough with no rollup. Like a touque. This was knit on straight US#7s, the yarn is worsted I think, I did 10 short rows for each segment and wrapped the next stitch each time I turned so there are no holes. I twisted each color along the bind off edge for a nice finish. I cast on with a provisional cast on and grafted the hat together rather than sewing. It's pretty nice. I'm making some more. It's Sila's new favorite hat... for playing SUDOKU!

All in all, a very zen activity for a man who is training to become AQUANINJA!

That's his signature Spidy move.

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Trifarina said...

The Scarlet and gray color scheme has been officially approved by the Buckeyes in your life! Excellent hat!