Friends in the garden

I spent the weekend decompressing and marking papers. Gawd do I hate marking papers. Luckily I have some friends in the garden.

My broccoli is starting to make something which looks like tiny broccolis! There was a beautiful green mantis on this big plant the other day.
We also have this kitty: He is old and loud. He likes milk and hates peanut butter. What should I call him? "Old loud kitty" is not a great name for him. He waits for me most mornings to scratch his ears even though I have only given him milk twice - he remembers.


Trifarina said...

I want your kitty!!!!
You could name him Trump. He kind of has the orange comb-over thing going on and he looks like he would totally say "you're fired!"

Fault Rocks said...

Mr. Trump is a little stinky and lumpy. Like old kitties are sometimes. It's funny, I just noticed that soembody painted "trump towers" on an old apartment building down the road from me. Maybe that's where kitty lives?