Taco Mystery: Solved!!!

What a day what a day! One Leonard Creo (no link provided) commented on my Taco post the following clue:
"I've been chasing this one for years....suggest you google "nixtamalization."
...and investigate history of Pelegra in any of the high mealie cosumption areas in SA ."

Do it! Do it! Google it!
Here I'll help:
link to wiki article on nixtamalization

In the Americas, the corn is cooked and seeped with lime water (1% CaO) which separates the outer hull from the grain. This causes a variety of chemical changes including increasing nutritional value significantly! I had underestimated the importance of the lime.

So the mystery is solved, and my path to the taco lifestyle is lengthened considerably... can I buy dry samp and boil it with CaO and dry it and grind it?

Phase II begins after the field trip.

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