Crafty for the booooat

Sila loves the idea of converting my "wasted" crafty time into something useful for the vessel. We had fun designing a couple of these for drill bits. First we made two of these rolled up envelope type things, one for round bits and one for flat (spade) bits. The white cotton duck is just to be boaty and give it some strength and the tan pleather is to line the inside so greasy bits can just be packed away and not dry out or hopefully get too damp.

Then I made this really nice drawstring bag with pleather lining. I made a knitted 3-stich i-chord with a "hole" made from slipped stitches to draw the other end through. this wasn't well thought out as it leaves one long leg with nothing to do. Heather gave me some sort of folded tape trim stuff which I used to cover the seam and round out the edges of the drawstring holes. It came out so nice and so big that neither one of us wants to use it for our two small hole saws as was the intention.

These three drill bit cases took about 6 months all together-busy few months I guess. Just getting around to posting them now. Sewing is pretty slow anyway. That big bag took forever! Almost long enough to make me think about getting a sewing machine.



Yay Lena & Lex! New little boy Zebben Fletcher, 10lbs 9 oz - I think that makes him only slightly bigger than his older brothers. Here's what all the short-torso babies will be wearing this holiday season:

Modeled by my thermos. Hope it's sort of baby shaped! Can't wait to meet you Zebben!


Long time no blog

Well, since I got back from Cape Town I've been chugging away on my thesis. Been reading a lot of knit blogs too, not doing any writing on my own. I have the temptation to start a knit blog but I feel that would be a downward spiral because since I could never keep up with Wendy or Anne and Kay or Amber this would require me to knit a lot more and there is just too much pressure in life to worry about knitting more in order to support a blog! So I think "christie at the cape" will just be a little bit more "christie wherever she is" from now on, which will return to being "at the cape" sometime around the end of january. Knitting is part of the bargain. speaking of which,

Did I ever show you my sweet French Press Coozie? I also made one for Carter but I don't have a picture of it.