Rock (photo) of the Week

Special treat today folks. We have a reader submission for rock (photo) of the week. This means somebody besides Mom reads my blog. It also means I'm not 100% sure what the hey is going on in this picture, only that there are lots of things going on. The first thing is that somebody is gonna need a bigger hammer to get this done right.

So what's up folks? What do you see in this Rorschach Ink Blot of an outcrop?

I want to recognise Elisabeth for authorising the use of this photo for you to analyse. See what I did there? Just finished this book, which I enjoyed very much. So much that I have been making a bunch of word nerd puns since I read it.

I would like Elisabeth to recognise that her institution stole the world's greatest university president from my institution. No hard feelings though.


Some people we met in Mozambique

I've had this post in the "draft" folder for a while, trying to decide what to write about these photos. But I think they are expressive enough on their own. Nampula Province, Mozambique, July 2008.


Carrots and brains

I made these! I fought the snails.

My lithops are turning themselves inside out for spring. Absorbing their old leaves and making new ones. Resurfacing like Venus. Looks like brains.

You know what else is cute, but I don't have a picture? My students had a slumber party on the roof of the geology building last night.


Sockeye Salmon Pattern for Knitters

Sure, I publish. I publish knitting patterns! 
This pattern "Sockeye Salmon" is available on Ravelry.com
Link will remain in the sidebar - in case you're not sure but you want to buy it for somebody!
If you're not a Ravelry user but would like to purchase the pattern,  leave a comment or email me and I will contact you.

100% of proceeds go to the Cordova District Fishermen United Scholarship Fund which supports continuing education for fishermen and their families.

I present you the Sockeye Salmon, prototype #1
running up Turnagain Arm, Alaska :

He's got character.

He now has two more prototypes to spawn with (here posed in mid-flop
among my chili plants)

The final pattern incorporates the head from the front right salmon with the body
and fins from the left front salmon below.