Field Area is Awesome

The The Colenzo van Wyk Laingsburg Field Station! This place is awesome. It was an old farmhouse, UCT put the roof back on it and built the ablutions facilities. Ablutions are showers. There's a little river-ish thing below it, you can see the trees.
Shadow and I were exploring the old farmsted and she was pretty fascinated by the old kraal. Maybe it still smelled of sheep? I don't know.
These three photos show some geologic features for those who are interested! First a cute little parasitic fold set in "chestnut" siltstones, very nice, with flowers. Then the degree of pencilling that sometimes comes with it! Intense! Also here's my Silva I have to use down here - my Brunton compass is balanced for the Northern hemisphere. Eventually I will invest in a International Brunton as I don't care for the Silva, I feel as if the measurement precision is low with this device. Finally, the sed structures are JR's regime but I couldn't resist these gorgeous lode casts. These are too complex to have been formed by evolution. Ha just kidding.Finally, on the critter side of things, this is a Black Eagle - these things travel in pairs but not close enough together to get in the same frame. Beautiful creature, about the same size as a red tail hawk, all black with a white V on its back. Here's a locust. Not the crop-stripping, biblical plague type though, just a solitary locust. I like how he hunkers down into an exoskeleton tank like a transformer toy or something.

Finally, I'll close with this gorgeous landscape over the Buffels River. This hill is appropriately called Rondekop. The ridge on which I was standing when I took the picture is GansKransKloop or something like that, meaning that somebody once saw a goose on a cliff near a small ravine. I think.