Views along the trip

We left CT in the dark and came up through the wine country in the sunrise colors. These first three shots are taken from the mountain side on the north edge of the Paarl Valley. In the first one you can see the sky colors! The second photo I lightened up so that you can see the beautiful terraced vinyards. There are a series of valleys like this one. I think it must be a geographically larger region than the Napa-Sonoma Wine area. And it's so cheap! I'll definitely bring some home to celebrate with. The third picture is a zoom-in on the "paarls" - these funny granite domes that outcrop above the town of Paarl and give the valley its name. In the distance you can see Table Mt and down town Cape Town. Mom- saving the wine country for your visit if you want.

This last one is a mountain pass between the wine country and the Klein Karoo. It reminds me of the western Montana country outside yellowstone -- the Table Mountain Quartzites kind of reminicent of the big thick Cretaceous strata of the Rockies - Big angular unconformity at the base of the Quartzites too.
Sadly I'm slow moving and didn't take enough pictures from the road. This was probably due to watching two consecutive sunrises - not exactly my normal routine!!

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