Just how I want it

The remodel is coming along. Rosie finally came on Sunday and removed the rest of her crappola! ( after this photo was taken). You can see the painting progress:

The kitchen is finished and it's exactly what I wanted (only I wish it was a bit bigger!)How. frickin. gorgeous. is my La Crusette skillet! You can sort of see the effect of the skylight in this photo.


Trifarina said...

It's totally. frickin. gorgeous.

jkdanielfamily said...

It is absolutely fab darling...and I do love the skillet!!! AND I love the square dishes! What can we send you? Tuna helper?
love you,
Aunt Karen

kasiaiscarly said...

hello! i just found your blog on ravelry, thought i'd say hello! you are amazing to be able to work in such a tiny kitchen!

Anonymous said...

good cookin' good lookin'

my first post!!! yabba dabba doo