Sila and the Earth

Little known fact: My husband and THE EARTH have the same birthday (separated by a mere 5981 years). So in honor of the occasion, I have double knit a Jollyfish Hat. The Jollyfish is the mascot (of sorts) of the Pastafarian followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster have spoofed allied with advocates of the teaching of intelligent design (ID) in American public schools. As long, that is, as all ID theories are included, including the Creation Story of the Noodley Appendage. (if you haven't yet, you really must click the link and read the Open Letter to the Kansas Board of Education).

As a corollory, the FSM points out that since the early 1800s, the global population of pirates has decreased just as global warming was increasing! The correlation is clear. Therefore, the only way to combat global warming is to increase the number of pirates.

One more for you, FSM


Trifarina said...

The hat turned out awesome!

Ishmael said...

Your posts lately have had this wonderful acid-laced lucidity/panic about them.