Things which are better in the states

OK I have been here for eight months now and it's time to talk about things that were better back home. Let's be honest. There are some things which are American which I just miss. There are also some things about life in Cape Town that are... well... unfortunate.

Things which are unfortunate about Cape Town:
  • No bike lanes or bike paths to get around town
  • public transport scary at night (southern suburbs) or all the time (most of the city)
  • people drive like maniacs
  • hard to get nice vegetables
  • fish is always overcooked, fries are undercooked (cold and floppy and greasy!)
  • internet is charged by the MB, not unlimited!
  • sometimes it is just too damn windy to think.

Things which I just miss about living in America:
  • Knowing how to do things and go places without having to ask
  • Breakfast burritos
  • coffee for sale in the morning (before 8:30! like at 5:30 sometimes!)
  • chatting with my brother every day

Things which are better in Cape Town than in America:
  • Eating out is cheap, I have been eating out every day since my fridge broke! lazy.
  • My job is slowly advancing to a point which might be less stressful than being a grad student... maybe
  • I can afford my cool little house

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