Days in the Life

I've been going back to work this week... Sila surfing when it's alright out there but conditions have been cold, windy and flat. Anyway it's hot in our little yard and the garden is growing. Our tomatoes have grown a lot! and the landlord gave us a lemon tree. Sila put up new clotheslines today in the corner of the patio so they won't decapitate anybody over 5'8" who walks through the yard. Tomorrow he's building new bookshelves. Which brings me to another amazing discovery: Builder's Warehouse in Ysterplat, just out of Cape Town city center en route to our oft-visited Milnerton beach, there is a big box-style home store, just like an OSH or Home Depot or something in the US. We spent 2 hrs there the other day just marveling at how American the whole experience was. Liked it. Missed it. Garden aisle, lighting, showers, flooring, indoor lumber (limited supply + cuts), plumbing, bbq, outdoor furniture.... it was just like the OSH in Marina, California, which I used to shun and avoid, and now relish. Anyway after 2 hours we had a huge cart including palau (?) decking for our new bookshelves which sila is building tomorrow... a terracotta window box for my office, for which I am slowly accumulating a succulent garden of south african plants:
Still building the composition so I can replant them all at the same time.

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Erin K. said...

Ah - I remember sometimes stubling upon a 'us' shopping experience...it was nice. But now the huge groceries stores stress us out. Seriously. Jake often won't go to Kroger. Do you know how many different kinds of cereal there are?