Geology in Afrikaans

This morning I went to Stellenbosch to work with Jodie for the day. She was late so I enjoyed looking at all the cool display cases in the geology building. There are lots of things besides minerals, although the mineral collection was impressive! They also have a case of stalactites, ferric nodules, and all kinds of cool things.

I am getting a big kick out of the Afrikaans words for minerals. For example, "kwartz". Here is a sample of dioptase:

Here is a sample of epidote:

Here are some almandine garnets:

And here is some zircon:

This Triassic monster from Beaufort West greets you at the entrance. click to elarge and check out the size of his paws.

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Alexa said...

Awesome! I saw your blog on ravelry, I'm also a geologist!!