Doubly-plunging overturned folds!

We were getting ready to send the students out into the field and I showed them again what the symbols are for putting folds on a map. When I came to the doubly-plunging overturned syncline, I literally said, "I've never seen one and I sincerely doubt you'll need this symbol, but here it is anyway..."

That same afternoon I was out walking around with Cat (the demonstrator) and we came upon this:

I'm calling it the Lilly Pad Pond for now - giving areas and features good names like in Poleta. Just part of my daily quest to be a little bit more like Hilde Schwartz. I'm calling it this because I swear these swirly folds look like ripples in a pond, or like a bunch of lilly pads. It is HECTIC in there! Love it love it.

The clincher of course is that many, if not most of these folds are doubly plunging and overturned!! So I finally saw my first doubly plunging overturned syncline!!! so kickass. Here's Cat in a doubly plunging overturned anticline I'm calling "Cat's Canoe". The Lilly Pad Pond is in the "chestnut" shales of the lower Prince Albert Fm.

The ridge in the background is the Dwyka 4c ridge and the 4f between Lilly Pad Pond and the ridge is quite deformed as well, if not as easy to see due to its weak bedding. I will go back and work on this place for sure.


Trifarina said...

That is insane! You are a very lucky lady.

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