New Year's Geolutions

I have been in South Africa for 2+ years now and seen very few of the BIG SOUTH AFRICAN THINGS I meant to see. So I'm suggesting a new meme for you geobloggers out there to follow up on Geotripper's list of the 100 things we all "ought" to see.

What are 10 things you have never seen before, which you hope or plan to see in 2009?

Here are my ten GEOLUTIONS for 2009:
1. Wolfberg Cracks/ Wolfberg Arch Cederberg Mountains, South Africa
2. Etosha Pan, Namibia
3. Any really big wall of San Bushman Paintings
4. Coarse Kyanite schist in the Monapo Complex, Mozambique
5. The Vredefort Crater with the mega-pseudotachylyte breccias, shatter cones, the works.
6. Jeffrey's Bay aka JBay, the world-famous SA surf spot
7. Gems in Sri Lanka
8. Forest elephants in Addo National Park
9. The Bushveld Layered Igneous Intrusion
10. Triassic therapids in the Beaufort Formation, Karoo Basin...

Also for good measure (and a spin), 5 things I want to find or see evidence for (or against, as it may come). These are research goals, or ideas, as well as hobbies, or wishes for my students, etc...:

1. Incipient westward propagation of the Okavango Rift across the Botswana-Namibia border
2. Fluidized granular flow of very thick (meter or more) gouge layers in shallow crustal faults
3. Tectonic environment of the deformation of the "Saldanian belt"
4. Syn-crystallization shearing of the pegmatitic ijolites of the Mazeripane Suite, Mozambique
5. Tectonic fabrics in the Cape Granite Suite - timing, spacing and source.

Finally, how about 10 things that should be on the top 100 List? I totally concur with Geotripper's reticence to rewrite the list himself, as it is politically sticky and never unbiased. But for the sake of it, what would you add?

1. A famous "big wave" e.g. Maverics or Dungeons, breaking.
2. A glacier calving into the sea
3. Pink sand beaches (e.g. Bahamas)
4. Singing beaches or dunes
5. Walk across and observe a metamorphic aureole
6. Experience an earthquake
7. See the snowball earth stratal assemblage (e.g. diamictites+carbonates)
8. An earthquake damaged area, e.g. Earthquake Park in Anchorage
9. A Bore tide
10.Hear the sound of waves in a fjord.

I wonder why we geologists emphasize the fast/rare things on this list, instead of the slow/common things... which are more truly special to observe...

Apologies for missing the geobloggers dinner on Weds, I was too jetlagged/overwhelmed to stay so I went and worked on my talk in bed.

11. Hoping i get another chance to meet Kim Hannula


Callan Bentley said...

Christie, I added these suggestions to the brainstorming discussion for a "better geologist's life list" at my blog.

Kim said...

I'm sorry to have missed you! I did a horrible whirlwind visit to SF, and am really regretting it. (If only I hadn't gone to GSA, and had planned all my classes with finals during the last week of class...)

Kodiak Perspective said...

"8. Forest elephants in Addo National Park" I just read a book called "Elephantoms" by Lyall Watson which talks about the history of elephants and Addo. I recommend the book, and it should be available there, as the author was raised in S Africa.

Amber said...

Hey- I've actually done three of your list and I'm not even a geologist!

Anonymous said...



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