Best thin section storage... EVER

This gorgeous thin section chest was coated with several decades of dust and full of Scottish Basalts. I feel like a bandit looting the Mayan pyrimids but I put all the basalt sections in a box and gave them to Ronel. Then I took this gorgeous mohagany (?) chest and made it MINE ALL MINE.

Oh yah and does my husband look like the University of Bath logo? Just wondering.

Found this while following up a mention on some random blog that length ratio between middle and ring fingers correlates to testosterone exposure in the womb correlates to SAT math scores - but I am pretty unconvinced by the study! [Since there is no way to test testosterone exposure on the guy's subjects who are staff at Bath U. and the finger length thing seemed pretty eronious and some of the measurements came from photocopies of hands. I know I'm constantly belaboring the fact that SOCIAL SCIENCE IS RARELY SCIENCE but this guy seems to be trying to demonstrate that academic success is linked to teststerone exposure - for example he suggests that women academics have a digit ratio (0.98) similar to the male average for larger populations (0.984) but neither mentions nor tests the significance against whatever the female average for the larger population might be. Seems to me that he need not prove that women academics look like men generally but that women academics look more like men generally than they look like women generally, in order to justify his point. Just saying.] Also since he points out that there is no statistical difference between male and female academics in his study, what is his point anyway! Anyway, interesting to wonder why this makes me defensive-slash-desperate to measure my own digit ratio. Objectivity, see, that's what we value around here...


Trifarina said...

I don't think the man's quite there yet, but maybe he has some sweet locks under the cap we can't see.

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