work in progress

Sila picked out some yarn for hats. The lighting was bad in the store. When we saw it in the sunlight we didn't like it for hats. What a windfall - a baby blanket for a new member of the WPC family... Almost done now, it's 3x4 miter squares and I'm doing something like a 20-stitch applied i-cord border on it. I may rip it back and switch to garter because it doesn't have anything like as much stretch as the garter squares. We'll see.

Credit for the inspiration goes to Anne and Kay who are the paragon of all knit bloggers, and the Interweave miter rug which actually has even better colors than my blankie.

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katherine louise said...

i have been not as dutiful about checking in on you- but just now, i loved what i saw. lots happened to me this summer. i'll have to send you an e-mail.
do you get loneley in Cape Town?