Not ready for lecture, but something is done:

Baby blanket for Benjamin - not that he will be needing it now in the middle of summer! Oh well:

Love this yarn for some reason.

And a WIP: Moss-stitch basket made from parcel twine - inspired by an Afrikaans knitting book I saw at Fishhoek Wool Boutique -


amber said...

I love the baby blanket- you said you love the yarn but what did you use?

Have you seen this blog- I've been reading her for some time and she is in your neck of the woods.


Fault Rocks said...

hello ambular!
it is 100% plastic, it is called Something Gold Aran weight but at the moment I can't remember what the Something is. It is labelled for UK sale and has no US needle sizes or anything on it, i haven't seen it in the US. I will check when i get home. too bad i don't have Ravelry or i would be able to keep this sort of thing under control!!

Cristina Salgueiro said...

hello Christie
i just saw your coment on ruth blog!
A big hi from Strand (next to Somerset West)
It is also good to see knitting blogs from this area, finally:)

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