The New Digs

OK so I realize now that I didn't take very many pictures - it has been raining and dark for going on three weeks now! Everyday! and I am unmotivated to clean up and sort the place out. The other rooms will be revealed when they are more ... decent.

Half of the bathroom - that's the shower (drains directly onto outside patio) across from the washing machine (fills from garden hose tap, drains into bathroom sink which drains through a hole in the wall into patio - discovered this morning that the shower doesn't drain when there is standing water in the patio. Whooopee!

View from the kitchen window out onto patio - peak of Devils Peak there - if only it was a clear day, ever...

And the patio-slash-neighborhood stormwater collection pit! Luckily the bricks aren't mortered so it does drain into the subsurface pretty quickly when the rain stops. This must be why the center is depressed, forming an 8" deep pool of water between my front door and the gate out to the alley.

When it rains, make lemonade...

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Trifarina said...

Hey you found lemons! There must be limes somewhere too! The new place looks pretty cool. I'm jealous of the washing machine.