Glorious Morning

It is easy to see why Capetonians speak of the Mountain like an old friend. It seems to watch over all corners of the city. Here it is as seen from my front door this morning:

It feels good to be back here. I woke up before dawn and walked up Main Rd. toward campus. Here's what Main Road looks like through Mowbray:

The walk took me 20 minutes south on Main Rd. to Rondebosch and then about 20 up the hill to Geol. Sciences. I am out of shape. The commute is a good start I think. I will have lots of orientation days coming up. Exciting to be back.

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Kodiak Perspective said...

What a beautiful view of the mountain. I put a link to funamushi on my blog, don't know if anyone will appreciate it, but you rock. Now get back in shape.