right kind of siding

Having lunch today at the UCT club with a couple other young women i met in the staff orientation, one from zoology and one from mathematics ("maths"). I knew I liked the club right away. There are a few reasons for this. One is the location, overlooking cape town and adjacent to the rugby fields. One is the menu. One is the bar, called the "laboratory", with old rugby jerseys, older science equipment, and some kind of taxadermied wart hog thing. But the best thing has to be the Malmsbury phyllite siding on the outside walls:

On my walk home last night after a little rain, I was overwhelmed by a beautiful scent that reminded me of Hawaii. The rain knocked some flowers off the tree so I took some home:

I'm going to miss the Daniel Family trip again this year, I got my teaching schedule and I have a seminar that runs June 11-29. At least there are plumaria here. Maybe I will make myself a lei.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christie,
I saw your photo of right kind of siding article...and just wondering what's the name of that building or where is locate it?
ps: I am an architectural student doing research...and found that image interesting...so want to know about it