Paradise Office

Ah, the sixth floor office. In spite of numerous warnings from all sides that it's going to turn into a sauna, I have all the windows open and I am loving it! Loving it up here. and the thighs of steel will be thanking me too. I hate the lift! It's creaky and humid in there.

These two pictures are both taken from the north wall of the office, from either side of the bank of file cabinets. The office is L-shaped and huge. It was the department chair's office for the old PreCambrian Geology department that was later absorbed. So it has a little secretary's office adjacent, with wacky old phones, which I will now refer to as my "bike's office".

I love the bookshelves. Love love love! Can't wait until my books get here. All those rocks belong to my predecessor, they are rad ductile stuff (most of them) which I will cut up and see if I can make thin sections and start working on the teaching collection! My thin-section-ductile-structure is a bit rusty after years in mothballs at UCSC.

Oh yah, and here's a link back to when I first discovered this office with this view!!

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