Busy bee

Lots to do here my friends! Just realized I was neglecting the blog - thanks to Hilde who's actually reading it! Yay Hilde thanks & miss you. So I haven't had much new scenary this week but I did go see Inconvenient Truth with John R. and his wife Phil and they took me out for a lovely Italian dinner at the V&A waterfront. Nice weekend activity. Now I'm trying to write three (tiny) grant proposals for three different projects, get my 3rd year practicals (7 labs in 4 weeks!) organized enough to turn billets over to the techs for microstructure, and lay out my lecture schedule IN SPECIFICS before leaving for Mozambique on Monday, unless of course it continues to rain/flood in Mozambique and Jodie Miller decides to postpone the trip. She is fast, and funny, and Australian and I can't wait to work with her. She speaks bluntly and is always smiling.

Mozambique! Shaped like California but slightly larger than Texas. We are flying via J-berg to Maputo for 7 days to look at fluid flow in a bimodal rift volcanic sequence - that's all I know about that - then north to Nampula for 8 days to look at the Mozambique Belt - seems like that should be awesome. The Zambezi River is flooding again (as per today's Guardian.co.uk) and we may have trouble connecting to the north.

A warning to American travellers - I paid R700 for my 2-month tourist visa to Mozambique - "Reciprocity Policy". And a note to my mom - My health insurance is covering emergency care and they have your phone number.

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