Farmer's market

Roxy picked me up yesterday morning and took me to a weekly farmers' market off Main Rd. in Salt River. It was pretty upscale! Lots of organic stuff and elegant sauces and breads and tarts and spreads and non-native-at-all crafts. If it wasn't for the dangling meat sticks it could have been California. I stocked up on tasty vegetables. Roxy went especially for Edie's Lemon Cordial to which I am now addicted, I bought a bottle plus a bottle of the Lemon Ginger. it's like Rose's lime juice only slightly fizzy. I have been sipping it in a glass of either hot or cold water ever since I got home.

Sila asked me what fish people eat here, this is the main one that's caught locally, the Kingklip. It is mostly found in the form of fish sticks because English people love to deepfry perfectly good food. So until now I wasn't sure what it would look like. What kind of fish is this Sila? Do you think you could catch just one? Maybe we could pay somebody to help. Heh heh.

This will be Sila's first word in Afrikaans: Koeksister. I'm sure he will learn to pronounce this perfectly. I'm not sure why I photographed the donuts instead of the gorgeous spreads of local organic produce and flowers and potted plants. I am seriously considering buying a little herb garden pot for my deck. I have never grown anything successfully but this looks easy. And the flowers are incredible! Next saturday for sure. Maybe I will have a car or a bike by then.

From the market, Roxy and I went to the bank and discovered that I couldn't open a bank account until I had a letter from my employers proving who I am, where I live, and how much money I make. I understand this strict policy is a result of money laundering in the past. This is a hassle though because it tacks on at least one more cycle through the HR department before I can get paid. Harumph.

Finally we went shopping at Cavendash Center in Claremont to find me a "swimming costume" (got to add that one to the old list!). Claremont looks like some upscale shopping district in LA. They even had some American chains, and stores that look just like American chains, so much like that I bet they are the American chains under a local name. So basically we went to a bunch of places that are just like California. Hm, will have to try a little harder if I want to get culture shocked. But I got to admit the comfort of having California-like produce at home. Made a nice cauliflower-broc-carrot saute last night with funny fat carrots with extra "limbs" on them, just like Sue's. So I guess I have to expand my produce love to just say, it makes me feel at home. I spent a bunch of money on crusty seedy wheaty bread and ethiopian spicy sauce and it was totally worth it.


Kodiak Perspective said...

Kingklip is known to Americans as the Dorado. If you don't wish to deep fry your fish, try this link:

Fault Rocks said...

I thought Dorado looked like this:

Kodiak Perspective said...

I had searched under kingklip, but searching under the technical name reveals that the Genypterus blacodes is in the cusk eel family.