Here's my Grammy Faye on her 91st Birthday:

She is too frickin funny. We all laughed ourselves silly the whole weekend, especially Grammy:

Here's Grammy cracking herself up with a story about men rudely pointing at her for walking through the "men's bar" in a snooty golf club:

Here's Grammy explaining how her handicapped placard curled up on the dashboard in the sun and she put it in the fridge to see if it would straighten out. It was then discovered by her hilariously confused nurse Elsie, who could feel it but not see it because it was on the top shelf.

Here's Grammy telling about the first time Brad came for dinner and she dropped his steak out of the broiler into the corner of the kitchen where the dog hair used to blow:
"so there it was! and we're ready to eat! so whadya do! you wipe 'em off!"

Here's Grammy at her birthday lunch when the wait staff walked right by our table with a slice of chocolate cake with candles on it - we all thought she was coming to Grammy - and all Grammy thought was, "Jeez, nobody remembered I hate chocolate cake!"

Here's Grammy telling about calling my mom on her "C-phone" to order Trader Joe's salads when in fact, my mom was standing in the kitchen, not at Trader Joe's at all. Grammy found this out when when she got spooked by "the voices in the kitchen" and went out to investigate.

Here's to so MANY MORE, Faye Lorraine Mendenhall Daniel O'Neil! What a lady!

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