People are Complaining

Hi everybody who is complaining about not getting enough news. Yes I know I have no phone, no doorbell, no cell, and sometimes (?) have email/skype. But I'm teaching everyday! Ahg I am tired. I have 28 perky second years, who lack that lovely silent awe of authority that so enamoured me to last year's 2nd years. Do you know what Mohr Circles for Stress can do to a bunch of teenage malcontents? Hysteria.

Anyway, some other blogs from like-minded Alaskans to keep you busy while you wait for me to give up some photos:
  • I don't know this person but I am SO right there right now: Firy Blazing Handbasket recounts the Moose vs. Broccoli battle. Here's a quote: "We get an additional 50 CabinDwelling points for having a vintage, somewhat running automotive monstrosity parked on the property". Yoo HOo SILA! Is that why you built the driveway?

  • The Kodiak Konfidential, written by a fisherman who hangs out at Tony's Navigational Hazzard [sic] and calls himself "Call Me Ishmael". Why do I want to hang out with Ishmael so bad? His posted-by-ACS-cellphone commentary on the Alaskan Congressional (National Laughingstocks) delegation has me rolling, for example when the FBI raid on Ted Steven's Girdwood Mansion revealed that the Senior Senator has horrible taste in hammered brass salmon sculptures. I caught myself wondering what Ishmael might look like, but ran into a hitch trying to superimpose the image of a good-looking man on memory's of Tony's. Hmmm. Good thing I've already got myself a fine specimen of a salmon-killer.

  • Also hailing from the Emerald Isle, The Kodiak Perspective blogs from perhaps the one place in town where all must go: Christian, Coastie, Russian, New-Wave Russian, Native, Filipino... The Post Office! The Perspective got a bad slap of comments a while ago when he (rightfully) pointed out that not every public servant on the island is completely useful, all of the time. He's returned to safer political ground by heckling about the roads rather than those who police them. I check in with the Perspective about twice as often as he updates - just to see what's out and about in Kodiak. Check out his post "Bear vs. Pig" - brings me right back to our 2-pig field trip to Afognak.

Just to prove that somebody somewhere is getting something done, here is the new driveway, leading to the new woodshed/shop at 64910 Leandra Rd:

And, although not exactly up to the original specs we talked about, here is the shower:


Kodiak Perspective said...

Thank you for the mention. I have not been posting as often as I should, but have been seeing a woman, and that has taken some of my time and some of my edge. She is another fiery redhead and that suits me fine. Love.

Ishmael said...


Thanks for the shout out!

pizzsandick-1 said...

Good looking men exist at Tony's. You just have to put your cosmo goggles on to notice. Ishmael is no fisherman. He pan handles in the square and posts from the library. Oh...they don't make cosmo goggles strong enough to appreciate his good looks. Not bad to hang out with though.