California breakfast in Cape Town

This would be a winter breakfast because there are clementines (here known as naartjies). My good (and healthy) colleague John Compton is eating 5 pieces of fruit a day. I thought of him when I bought a half case of naartjies last night. So far I have eaten 3. I also bought a pineapple.

Most importantly, I made tortillas. Must get cast iron pan. In the meantime, they are so good with butter and western cape cloudy honey for breakfast! Eat after the naartjies.


Kajsa said...

Hey Christie!
Got pointed to your blog a bit ago, it's rad to see all you've been doing. I have a totally random boat question...what does "hove-to" mean? Came across the phrase in a book, ("...within an hour it was blowing hard and the Sachem was hove-to and under close-reefed foresail") and can't find a definition that I can wrap my silly brain around. You're the only one I can think of that might know!
You can email me at kajsa(dot)sexton(at)gmail
Hope alls well...

ruth said...

The tortilla looks great. We've been substituting ready-made rotis for tortillas since we've been in SA, mainly because I'm too lazy to make them from scratch.