Say what?

Occasional confusion over slight variations in American "English" vs. South African "English". When we discussed the angle of internal friction today, I called the Greek letter "phee", which caused my class to erupt in laughter, because they call it "phy". Well soooory. Thus I am starting a table of things we say and things they say and whose way is better. My criteria for better include clarity, functionality, and funniness. I'll post it today and add to it later. Submissions are welcome, especially from South Africans or Americans who have lived or traveled here - save me the trouble of finding them all out the hard way!
American WaySouth African WayWinner
I'll do it eventuallyI'll do it nowUSA
I'll do it nowI'll do it now nowUSA
I'll do it very soonI'll do it just nowUSA
3.5" floppy diskstiffydefinitely ZA
pick up truckbakkietoss-up
van or mini-vancombitoss-up
Lab (as for a class)PracticalZA
any old examtesttoss-up
final examexamUSA
tuna sandwichtuna & mayonaisse sandwichZA obviously, but like I really want to know what I'm eating.
AluminumAluminiumUSA (from amber)
take-outcarry-outtoss-up (from amber)
tea (means there will be cookies)Tea time (no cookies in evidence unless it's Ronel's birthday, then there is "milk tart"USA unless it is Ronel's birthday
To go out and check something out"have a recce"ZA

If it's not obvious, I'm having trouble figuring out when things either have happened or are going to happen. This is a bit of a problem. You can also see how it was possible to freak some students out by suggesting that we have an exam next Wednesday. Whoops. Little things folks. Now if I could just make out what the sandwich lady is saying.

Ed 31/08/06** Mom reminds me of the US fraternity "Chi Phi" (ky fy). But I remind mom of the sorority "Alpha Phi" (alfa fee)!


amber said...

don't forget: take-away vs carry-out, and my all time favorite aluminum vs aluminium, extra emphasis on the IUM ending that doesn't exist.

Fault Rocks said...

yo ambular no new pictures today???!! what is your dog wearing!!!