Some of the people I miss

This small angel, is in fact, my new niece. Being the only one of her generation anywhere in my family, she is at this moment, my only hope for the future of the line, as circuitous as that line may be. I will have to find an African tutu or an African magic wand or something for her. Who knows what.

The amazing thing is, I got this niece bundled with my darling husband. Who did an awesome amount of errands and paperwork in one day in order to get his visa application together, so he can come down here to Cape Town with me. This is, especially considering Sila's aversion to errands and/or paperwork, an impressive feat for which I am very grateful. You will notice however, that Neviya's angelic charm is not ... as well expressed... in her uncle's passport photo. Miss you sweetie pie. So glad I have a photo of you to put up on my bulletin board and explain to people who come to see me in my office. Some day I'll get a real picture of my husband.

So, family - just because you're reading my blog does not mean that you don't have to write to me! Or at least post comments. Click the little pencil at the bottom of the message to post a comment. You might have to log in.

And also,
HELL YEAH IT'S FRIDAY AND I'M DONE LECTURING FOR THE WEEK! Nothin to do now but collate 78 billets and write instructions for the tech, get trained on the XRD, finish my staff webpage, tutor 2 students on stereonets, go to the library and get out books on vitrinite reflectance, and start writing up the Pasagshak structure chapter. SWEET FREEDOM! Click this picture to see why working in my office is a happy place.

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