Dropping into place

First Lecture Went Fine! Whoooo. The students seem cool and enthusiastic. And I got through everything in just under 45 minutes. amazing. Once was a miracle, we'll see what happens tomorrow. It's just like UC Santa Cruz, with all the loud dudes waving their hands around and all the girls sitting quietly and giggling together. We went over the basics of structure, the issue of scale, and introduced strike/dip trend/plunge. Only they define a plane here by dip azimuth/dip angle. this will take a while to get used to. Next lecture will be basic morphology of faults & folds. Moving right along!

This is the view I had during my walk up to the geology building at 8am. Beautiful.

This is the All Africa house where I am staying.

This is one of the lab rooms where I'll be teaching. I love this room.

This is a tachylyte vein I found in the prac room. Not a pseudotachylyte vein. Nice to know what tachylyte looks like finally.

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