Not much New on Monday

I was going to show you the R4 veggie samosas I had for lunch (that's $0.56 today) but you're too late, they're gone. Yum.

So I'll show you what I've got in my office - this sweet de Beers poster. Find the diamond. It's already almost 3 000 000 000 years old in this cartoon. And hey - did anybody know the diamonds are metasomatic? They're not igneous. How amazing is that.


Anonymous said...

hey you, i couldn't the pencil to send a response so am writing here and hoping you get it. welcome to your new home and to married life. very interesting to read your blog! sounds like a stress entry with lots to do and discover. hope the reasons for the paranoia imposition prove overblown! Have a great month and hope to see you when you are back here. love, doug

amber said...

Umm- is the diamond the black rock?

Also samosa's are my favorite. Second to boerwurst and biltong.