A little geography

Ah the beautiful Cape Peninsula. As you may be aware, this is not, in fact, the southern point of Africa. I've marked this beautiful google earth image with little white Westsail icons to show potential harbor locations. Simonstown is the coolest, but also the farthest away and pretty upscale. Hout Baai on the Atlantic coast is the most beautiful but supposedly a bit rough as there is a large "informal settlement" there - meaning squatter shanty town. You can see from the photo that it's right on the beach. Granger Bay nearby is probably the most exclusive, don't know if you can get in there without buying a condo. I haven't been there but it looks beautiful. But either Granger or the RCYC would require driving, as it's about 2 miles into the city center along some pretty major roads, no sidewalks. I walked down there before but it was a little sketchy. The moped idea is sounding better and better. Cheap parking on campus too.

The Royal Cape Yacht Club might be the best option. Close to the U and it's out in a sort of industrial area of the harbor - so nobody's around at night. Safer, supposedly.

Alright yall. I just have time to watch an episode of Queer Eye before John Rogers comes to pick me up for a dinner party at Chris Harris's house. Wonder if it will be the famous BRAAI.

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