More eye candy

In case I haven't mentioned it before, a week from Sunday we'll be taking off in two combis and a couple of bakkies to the UCT Laingsburg field station. In case you're not familiar with Laingsburg - here it is - looking for all the world like Wyoming, but in fact this is the northern edge of the great CAPE FOLD AND THRUST BELT about which I hope to learn ... something... prior to teaching it. White bar is 10km. Luckily my co-instructor John Rogers is quite knowledgable although he fakes an ignorance of structural geology. Anyway, I think I could make the map directly from this google earth image. Two of our staff - Bruce and Jon - BT's UCT counterparts - drove out last weekend to check the field station and found the well head buried under trees and rubble from the recent floods, and a colony of bees under the kitchen. People keep apologizing to me for the horrible "roughing it", etc. I've quit saying "Summer in Alaska was much much worse," and "We had no well at Poleta," because, well, who cares already. The students will be cooking so it could be pretty rough, who knows.

I swear to god I did not alter this photo in any way, I just glanced out the window when I was typing the above and snapped this picture. No contrast or hue or saturation or brightness or anything. This is the 2nd brightest rainbow I've ever seen. After this one (22 July, 2006, Pasagshak Point, Alaska:

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