Only a matter of time...

... before the Research and Development Manager for De Beers came around to buy me a cup of coffee. And leave me a couple of cast off rock slabs. Like just a little old 2.9BYO KYANITE-BEARING ECOLOGITE XENOLITH WITH OMPHACITE SYMPLECTITES and just this old thing, a Cr-GARNET DIAMONDIFEROUS KIMBERLITE. They've got a Game Ranch up near Kimberly with some lineaments on it... where the Bushmen used to come to get water. Funny thing. And nobody's been out to look at them yet. Wouldn't I like to come see. WOULD I LIKE TO COME SEE!!!! Road trip Sila! Road Trip. We'll hire a bakkie. You drive. Watch out for the robots.

But back to my coffee with Jock... He's got an amazing job, signing off on all the initial characterizations of new discoveries done by the exploration group - anywhere in the world. All the kimberlites. shoot. His business today at UCT was to pick up a part of a new exhibit being assembled at Kimberly, where the last major pipes were shut down last year. As part of the exhibit, there will be a huge backlit kaleidoscope with an old iron crank that kids can turn. The colored plates of the kaleidascope are made up of 8"x8" tiles, thin section collages, of kimberlites and mantle xenoliths from the kimberlites! They are INCREDIBLE! I can't imagine making these by hand, it would be near impossible to get it right. The thicknesses look perfect and they are gorgeous. And the man who made those, David, will be working on my rocks shortly. I can't even believe my good fortune.

In other good social news, I stopped by the Knightsbury Guest House, where I stayed during my interview, to see Tom and Enid Knight. They are absolutely kind hosts and when you all come to visit me, this place will be the top priority to try to book. Enid was out taking her mother to have her hair done, and Tom made me tea and scones and we talked for quite a while about all sorts of things. For some reason the Knights make me feel so at home. Of course the little dog Tess is one of the heros of the house. Quite the welcoming party. Tess says "hi", Chris.

hire = rent
bakkie = pick-up truck
robots = traffic lights

**Edited 25/08/06 to improve rock photos

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