Waterfront Stroll

My dear colleague John Rogers and his lovely wife Phil took me out for a night on the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. This area is just off downtown Cape Town, and has been totally rejeuvenated. Most of the eastern part of the harbor seems to be industrial, there is even a huge offshore drilling rig towering over the eastern harbor, in for repairs I think. But the V&A section is all upscale shopping, dining, touring, the huge Two Oceans aquarium, and historical shipping and exploring exhibits. There was a huge "discover Islam" festival going on with food and music and a big tent with different booths in it - not sure what the different booths were doing. The Muslim community here is very active and very diverse - it seems so many sects are represented, and from so many countries. After the close of the festival a marimba band played, they were AWESOME, I think I should buy some music for Mom. We had a very good dinner at a pub-type fish and chips place, which reminded me that I have to get on board with the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative and download my little wallet card. It's hard to eat sustainable when you don't know what any of the fish are! I hope I ate a "green" fish last night. John certainly did as he had the hake and calamari combo. Next mission: find out how to get some local fish that's not deepfried. You'd think this was Alaska or something. I blame the English.
In a continued effort to not carry things which I'm afraid of losing, I left my camera at home again. So both these photos are stolen off the internet. These little wire-bead creatures are available from street venders all over town and I just love them somehow. They are just so cute. If you want me to bring you one, just tell me what animals you like and I will bring it. They also make beautiful baskets in this style. OK sorry that was dorky.

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